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LEAP 2011 is the 10th international conference on the topic of “Low Energy Antiproton Physics”, hosted by TRIUMF in Vancouver, Canada, and organized by TRIUMF and Canadian universities (British Columbia, Calgary, Simon Fraser, and York). It is an interdisciplinary forum centred around the antimatter partner of the proton. The field of antiproton physics has seen recent breakthroughs: demonstration of trapping of antihydrogen atoms, and development towards antihydrogen beams; both at CERN’s Antiproton Decelerator. The start up of the FAIR facility at GSI will mark the beginning of a new era for antiproton physics. Exciting developments are taking place in searches for antimatter in the universe, with satellite and balloon experiments. The intent of LEAP 2011 is to actively engage the next generation of researchers in forefront research across the field of antiproton physics and to stimulate new dialogues across continents and research fields.

This LEAP conference has been awarded to Canada, the first in the LEAP series to be held in North America. The previous very successful meetings were held at Stockholm (1990), Courmayeur (1992), Bled (1994), Dinkelsbuhl (1996), Villasimius (1998), Venice (2000), Yokohama (2003), Bonn (2005), and Vienna (2008).

Conference topics:

  • Antihydrogen and Antimatter Physics
  • Fundamental Symmetries
  • Exotic Atoms
  • Hadron and Nuclear Physics with Antiprotons
  • Antimatter in the Universe
  • Applications of Antiprotons
  • New Instrumentation and Facilities

The conference will also host a public lecture by John Ellis (CERN).

Chair: Makoto Fujiwara (TRIUMF)
Co-Chair: Mary Alberg (Seattle)